Yesterday I saw the movie “Inception”, directed by Christopher Nolin, with an excellent ensemble cast, headed by Leonardo DiCaprio. It was very enjoyable, a good thriller, with a well planned storyline. One of the main sources of inspiration for the film was clearly the ancient Greek myth of the labyrinth. The clue was in the name of the character, Ariadne, played by Ellen Page. Ariadne was the king’s daughter in the myth who guided Theseus, the hero, in and out of the labyrinth of death. The reason the film is emotionally satisfying is that the labyrinth is a healing archetype, and indeed several of the characters find healing and wholeness through the journey. The values of sharing, grieving, reconciling and loving are in the end upheld, despite the video game violence.

For more about labyrinths please check out my page on labyrinths.

About John Fisk

I am a retired pastor, who served churches in New England for 33 years. I emigrated to the USA from England in 1974 and completed two graduate degrees in theology and pastoral practice at Andover-NewtonTheological School. In retirement I am focused on the teaching of Christian meditation, providing spiritual guidance, leading retreats and occasional preaching. I am particularly interested in contemplation, the mystical path and social justice.
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