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Different Visions

Jean and I attended the Women’s March in Boston last Saturday, one of 600+ marches worldwide, to promote a very different vision than that of President Trump.  It was exciting to be part of a crowd of 175,000 people, women, … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Wilderness: Humility

During this Advent season one must listen very carefully to hear the voice crying in the wilderness, the voice of humility. Continue reading

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Brexit and the Singing Horse

A man condemned to death told his king: “I could teach your horse to sing within a year.”  The king replied: “Very well. But if the horse is not singing a year from now you will be executed.”  On returning … Continue reading

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Saved From Sacrifice

Book Review: Saved From Sacrifice (Eerdmans, 2006) by S. Mark Heim. The Cross on which Jesus died is central to Christian faith, but what does it mean?  A longstanding and popular view has been called substitutionary penal atonement –the idea … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

Meditation has brought me a greater awareness of the Earth and her healing, nurturing presence. I often go for walks in a nearby Audubon sanctuary. As the word “sanctuary” implies, the natural world shelters and restores us from the harshness … Continue reading

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Stakeholders vs. Shareholders

Arthur T. Demoulas (recently fired by the Board of Demoulas Market Basket Supermarkets) is a wealthy entrepreneur who believes that caring for others should characterize a CEO, not just making a profit. His influence has extended beyond the employees whose … Continue reading

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