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The Eye of the Storm

The most common difficulty with meditating is being distracted in the silence.  You would think that silence would be calming but for many it raises the chaos monster.  The Buddhists call it “monkey mind”.  Wendy, one of the members of … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Wilderness: Humility

During this Advent season one must listen very carefully to hear the voice crying in the wilderness, the voice of humility. Continue reading

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The Silent Outcry

Encounters with silence deepen our spiritual receptivity. A striking recent encounter with silence was on the television show, Dancing with the Stars, when Nyle DiMarco, the first deaf male contestant, danced a section of his routine in sync with a group … Continue reading

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Be Still

Terrorist attacks and mass shootings bring to the foreground a high level of existential fear that hides in the shadows.  Politicians like Donald Trump play to the fears of the crowd with great bombast.  The news media fill the airwaves … Continue reading

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Seeing God Face to Face (continued)

On reflecting on my previous blog Seeing God Face to Face, I realized that there was a dimension missing, the intimate experience of meeting God’s face within ourselves.  Meditation is teaching me to approach the indwelling Spirit of God with … Continue reading

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Distraction and Meditation

Teenagers have the highest auto crash rate in the United States. Nearly one million drivers aged 16 to 19 were involved in crashes in 2013. These crashes involved 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths. Nearly 6 out of 10 of these … Continue reading

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The Four Spiritual Types (Part 2)

A previous blog described The Four Spiritual Types, as set forth by Corinne Ware in Discover Your Spiritual Type (Alban Institute, 1995): head, heart, mystic, and social justice. Here I will give examples of prayer exercises which may be helpful … Continue reading

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