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A Cry From the Depths

Psalms 130 and 131 are a beautiful duo.  The first is a cry from the depths and the second is an answer from the heart.  Most people remember Psalm 130 as the haunting music “De Profundis” from the movie “Sixth … Continue reading

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Be Still

Terrorist attacks and mass shootings bring to the foreground a high level of existential fear that hides in the shadows.  Politicians like Donald Trump play to the fears of the crowd with great bombast.  The news media fill the airwaves … Continue reading

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A shift of perspective frequently happens in the Psalms, the beautiful poetry of the Hebrew Bible. The writer will describe the misery of his situation and ask God’s help but at the conclusion will imagine that help has already arrived … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving on Recovering from Illness

I never prayed so much as the time I spent in the bathroom the night before last – about twelve trips that night until the contents of my stomach and intestines were emptied, as a result of a nasty virus.  … Continue reading

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