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The Triumph of the Feminine in Shakespeare

I started writing this blog during the 2016 election campaign when I had hoped a woman would become President of the United States!  My hope is still strong. The triumph of the feminine is the theme of the last but … Continue reading

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The Courage to Live

In the wise, charming and funny movie, You Can’t Take It with You (1938 Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director, Frank Capra), there’s a conversation on a park bench between Alice Sycamore (played by Jean Arthur) and Tony … Continue reading

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Awe, the Missing Ingredient

John Barrow. a theoretical physicist at the University of Cambridge, wrote an article for Science and Theology News, in which he described the feelings of awe he had being in the Basilica of St. Mark in Venice with some other … Continue reading

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Hamlet and Christmas?

Hamlet seems a strange thing to talk about as Christmas approaches, but bear with me… Continue reading

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A Voice in the Wilderness: Humility

During this Advent season one must listen very carefully to hear the voice crying in the wilderness, the voice of humility. Continue reading

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Spiritual Practices for Anxious Times

Here are some practices from the contemplative tradition which you may find helpful (and which I have been using) to cope with the shock of the recent election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Try meditation as … Continue reading

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The Silent Outcry

Encounters with silence deepen our spiritual receptivity. A striking recent encounter with silence was on the television show, Dancing with the Stars, when Nyle DiMarco, the first deaf male contestant, danced a section of his routine in sync with a group … Continue reading

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