Retreats are opportunities for Sabbath rest and renewal. God honors the time we set aside to laze around with God.  People certainly need these opportunities in our workaholic world.  It has been a joy to lead retreats for the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, the American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island, the Attleboro Area Council of Churches, as well as for individual churches and groups. The settings have included Glastonbury Abbey (Hingham), Rolling Ridge Retreat Center (North Andover), Grotonwood Conference Center (Groton), Craigville Retreat Center (Cape Cod), Mount St. Mary’s Abbey (Wrentham) and Canonicus Conference Center (Exeter, RI). Retreats may vary in length: one day or an overnight or weekend.  My fee would be reasonable.  You may contact me by email at  Here follows a brief description of several retreat themes.

Hunger and Thirst for the Living God
The focus is on the role of desire in the spiritual life. By taking seriously our own heartfelt desires we may discover God’s presence in a deeper way. We will pray with selected scriptures to hear what the Spirit is saying to us.

Learning How To Meditate In A Christian Context.
The method of Christian meditation taught by John Main and the World Community for Christian Meditation is explained and put into practice. The purpose of meditation is to tune us into God’s spiritual wavelength, particularly becoming aware of the presence of God in silence. Support and encouragement are offered through an ongoing weekly group to make meditation a daily practice.

A One Day Silent Meditation Retreat
Following an introduction and orientation the day is spent in silence with alternating periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation and personal reflection. Lunch is also silent. The afternoon concludes with a liturgy and time for sharing. This is an especially meaningful day.

Spiritual Types
A simple worksheet will reveal to you your spiritual type or pathway (if you do not know it already). The different resources for different spiritual types will be discussed as well as the importance of nurturing your own soul on a daily basis. Exercises for different types will be available.

Introduction to Christian Mysticism
The main themes of mysticism will be introduced: the desire for God, transformation, the dark night of the soul, and union with God. Readings from poets and mystics will be included, along with times of silent prayer and journaling.

Labyrinth Meditation
The labyrinth is a wondrous design for prayer and walking meditation. How it came to be adopted by the Christian Church will be described. Suggestions how to walk the labyrinth will be given. Plenty of time for walking the labyrinth will be included, along with time to share thoughts.

Praying With Scripture
The practice of Lectio Divina (sacred reading) will be described and participants will do individual and group lectio. Lectio is adaptable to all spiritual types and may be considered a foundational spiritual practice.

If you are interested in me leading a retreat for your group, please leave a comment below and include your contact information.

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