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Welcome to “The Still Point”, a title borrowed from T. S. Eliot  (see below).  My intent is to be an encouragement and support for those seeking God’s inclusive love through meditation and contemplation.    The practice of contemplative prayer is a counter-cultural practice, wherein we silently await the unfolding of life’s meaning and wherein we yield to God’s shaping.  St. John of the Cross describes the state of contemplation in this way: “People will often find that they are experiencing this loving or peaceful awareness passively without having first engaged in any active work with their faculties… It is more exact to say that the work is then done in the soul and the knowledge and delight is already produced than that the soul does anything, besides attentively loving God and refraining from the desire to feel or see anything…  (this ) is no small accomplishment” (The Ascent of Mount Carmel, Book Two, chapter 15)

Far from being impractical, contemplative prayer and meditation are rooted in the deepest reality – the reality of love (Ephesians 3:16-17) – and lead to concern for justice and peace. Contemplative prayer and meditation are to be found in all the world’s major religions, and are an impetus to interfaith dialogue and reconciliation.

If you are thinking about inviting me to speak or preach or lead a retreat, you may check out the pages “Sermons” and “Retreats” for several sample sermons and retreat outlines. If you are interested in Christian meditation or labyrinth walks or mysticism there are pages dedicated to these themes.  “About” tells a bit of my history.  There is a page about  “Peace and Justice” activities and a page about spiritual resources (monasteries, retreat centers, meditation groups, etc…)   Also there is a blog page with reflections about once a month on a variety of topics (Art and Spirituality, Peace and Justice, Movie, Theater and Book Reviews, Contemplation and Action, Meditation, etc…)   I hope you will enjoy the writing and please leave comments on the pages and the blog postings, to which I will try to respond promptly.

The links found on the pages are to files in either Word format (.docx Word 2007) or in Adobe Reader format (.pdf).  You may subscribe to automatic and free blog updates by entering your email address at the Email Subscription box in the right hand column (no advertising nor spam).  You may contact me by email (john.e.fisk@live.com) or on Facebook or Linkedin.

Sufi dervishes

At the still point of the turning world …
there the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point, there would be no dance, and there is only the dance.

– T. S. Eliot (Burnt Norton)

14 Responses to Welcome

  1. Vern Wright says:

    Beautiful site John. Thanks for including me.

    • John Fisk says:

      Vern, thanks for looking at the website. I remember a sermon you preached about beauty – it is a forgotten element in much Protestant spirituality, but it is so needed to nurture our souls. Have a beautiful Advent and Christmas!

  2. Judy Gray says:

    The still voice within has been a central focus for me. Your website is beautiful, a source of inspiration and peace. Your retreats sound like something I would very much enjoy at some time. Thank you for this offering!
    I believe and often know that there is a still voice within that sometimes is difficult to hear because of the way I have been conditioned, ie the story of my “life.” As I began to find my way deeper inside, I felt that a reminder of who I am and what that voice is saying to me, would be helpful. Words are only words but they do help to point me in a new direction and to shift my attention and energy.
    So I developed “Quiettracks” as a way to do that. I play them one track at a time throughout the day on my computer with an alarm/reminder program, on my CD player at bedtime, and shuffled with other music on my mp3 player when I am on the go. Just a moment here and there is often enough to shift me from stress to peace and to remind me that the still peace is always there.
    As a church organist and a music lover, I have greatly enjoyed this creation of voice and music. I have recently released a CD entitled “I listen for the still voice”.
    I will enjoy visiting your website again and perhaps we will meet in person sometime. In the meantime, thank you for sharing the peace that is so deeply needed in this world right now.
    I wish you the blessings of this season of light, hope, and love,
    Judy Gray (http://www.voiceofstillness.com)

  3. Jean Wright says:

    John, so pleased that you are doing this. A beautiful web site and a “go to” site for a quiet moment and resources. Blessings!

    • John Fisk says:

      Thank you, Jean. I’ve always appreciated your encouragement of contemplative prayer. I spent some time at the Russian Icon Museum in Clinton yesterday – what a beautiful place!

  4. Excellent website. I will place a link on our site.

  5. Carlos says:

    You are doing a good work John. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences this way on the web. Perhaps there are ways to open the door for more to benefit by your good work.
    See you soon.

  6. gaiainaction says:

    I am really happy and appreciative of coming across your blog John, good to think about these matters, good to become quiet. Thank you.

  7. yossarian in Newark says:

    It had just come to me how Rumi and Rilke were my 2 favorite poets- so I googled their two names together and found this site. Cool. I want to be a mad poet too!

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